It’s the start of a new week and a new month so why not mark all this newness with Chelsea Shoneck’s “Genesis!”

By: Chelsea Shoneck
16″ x 20″
Acrylic on Canvas
$800.00 + S/H

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Dentata the Second

One of the promotional images from “Phantasmagoria” was “Dentata“, the first of the Fanged Furies. She has such a lovely smile. Erin Chance put another one together, appropriately titled “Dentata the Second.” This winged beauty isn’t just a great illustration but a much better kisser I hear than her sister!!

“Dentata the Second”
By: Erin Chance
11″ x 14″
Mixed Media
$300.00 + S/H

I don’t like the way she’s smiling at me…with either of her grins! That being said, she and her sister are beautiful pieces that are wonderful to look at. I recommend checking them and the rest of the show out in person. Of course, if you’d prefer, you could always pick up a print of this deceptive beauty by going HERE. You know it’d look great in your living room!!Stay tuned for more art and updates on all the things you love!!
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The Majestic Cockalope

Spring is here and what better painting is there to present than something in the spirit of the season. Take a look at Chelsea Shoneck’sThe Majestic Cockalope” in all of its…well, majesty!

“The Majestic Cockalope”
By: Chelsea Shoneck
11″ x 14″
Mixed Media
$350.00 + S/H 

While he’s cute and cuddly and whatnot, this little bundle of fur and feet has a surprising backstory:

The result of an unexpected mating between a chicken and a rabbit, this cockalope projects his anger onto his brethren, the full blooded chickens of nearby farms. He refuses to seek counseling for his behavior, defending his actions by stating that nobody would care if he wasn’t part chicken himself.” ~Chelsea Shoneck

Poor little thing, caught between two lives! I don’t know about all you folks like me, here in RVA, but I feel the same way right now; caught between a beautiful season and an impending snow storm!! Stay safe Richmond and stay tuned, who knows what we’ll show off next!!

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What else could I present to you, our loving fans, on Saint Patrick’s Day but our resident Green Meanie: “Bitchcraft.”

By: Erin Chance
4′ x 2′
Acrylic on Board

This piece is by Erin Chance and is one of the largest paintings we have ever had in our Gallery. It honestly feels like a portrait of a young Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West; you know, her college years where everything is experimental!! No, that’s only me?? Oh well, whatever your interpretation, the painting is amazing to behold but you really have to see it in person.


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Phantasmagoria opens tonight!!

Erin Chance and Chelsea Shoneck will be bringing us into their twisted dreamscape tonight! This evening, the 21st of February, Glitch Gallery will be hosting its first dual show: “Phantasmagoria.”

For those who saw the Traditional/Neo-Traditional Groupshow, Erin & Chelsea were among the most popular artists of the show. We’re super excited to be able to host them and see their all new work very soon but if you’re interested in seeing what they’ve done in the past then click HERE to see Erin’s work or HERE to see Chelsea’s.

For more info on the show and other fantastic art, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget to check back here for further updates. Chelsea & Erin’s show will be opening tonight, Friday, February 21st at 9PM. There will be free drink and the best Korean style fried chicken sponsored by Bon Chon!! So be sure to set aside some time to come and see the fantastical beasts of their imaginations!!

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Chelsea Shoneck & Erin Chance coming in February!!

In a little more than a month, Glitch Gallery will be hosting its first ever Dual Gallery Show!! Together, Erin Chance and Chelsea Shoneck (two artists previously presented in the Traditional/Neo-Traditional Groupshow) will come together in presentation of our first show of 2014: “Phantasmagoria!!”

That’s right, two of the fan favorite artists from one of our biggest shows are coming in to do what they do best so set your expectations to “Awesome” because I think these ladies are gonna deliver!!

Stay tuned for more details on the opening night in the coming weeks and be sure to follow us on Instagram @glitchgallery to see previews, learn about amazing artist and to watch all the great artists we have had and will have!!

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Rare Jesse Smith Print up for Auction!!

We’re less than a week into 2014 and we’ve already started off on a great note. After a little inventory for the past year, we stumbled across 2 rare Jesse Smith Original prints! If you were a fan of either the “Golden Acorn” print or the “Dumb Politician” print then you might just be in luck!

We will be giving you all what may be the last chance to pick up one of these awesome prints starting today! By clicking HERE you can go straight to the online auction for Jesse Smith’s “Golden Acorn” Print!! The auction will only be up for a week and will end at 10PM on Monday, January 13th so get on it if you’re interested! In the coming weeks we’ll also be putting up the “Dumb Politician” Print for auction so keep a lookout!!

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Already a week into January and time is quickly closing in on Jed Lieknes’ “The Thousand Yard Stare.” Coming in February, we will be having our first ever Dual-show with the amazing Erin Chance and the magnificent Chelsea Shoneck. If you recall, these two lovely ladies contributed to our Groupshow and their work went so well together that we decided to give them a joint shindig!!

So, before we lose out on time, take a moment to check out another wonderful piece by Jed Leiknes: “Withdraw

Oil on Board
11″ x 14″

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2013 is quickly coming to a close and a new year with new galleries and new artists will be upon us soon!! Before that happens, though, be sure to take in all of the amazing art that we have had over the past year as well as those incredible pieces that are still hanging!! That said, take a look at another of Jed Leiknes’ terrifying, captivating, fantastic visages with “Dissociation.”

2013 has been an incredible year with a number of fantastic artists, wonderful art show and more than a few new directions and fun surprises that we got to enjoy. Ultimately, though, Glitch Gallery wouldn’t be where it is without the constant support and interest from all of the fans, customers and supporters. The past year has been a blast and you all are the reason why!! We look forward to 2014 and all the amazing things that are going to happen in the next year.

Here’s to the next year; Happy New Year all!! May 2014 be the best year yet!!!

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Snactoo Skate Deck

Looks like November is the month of the skateboard!! Inkmaster contestants Jesse Smith, Jime Litwalk and Craig Foster have all put together designs for the Snactoo line and this deck is Jesse’s contribution! The decks are Vinyl wrapped which means that like everything else on Snactoos, these are really high quality art. Every deck ordered also comes with a Jesse Smith Sticker of the board design. It’s like two for the price of one!! You can pick up the Jesse Smith deck HERE!

But wait, the good news doesn’t stop there! From now until Christmas, select Glitch Gallery merchandise will be as much as 30% OFF!! If there’s something that you’ve been eyeing for a while, now’s the time to get in and grab it! Supplies are limited in some cases so if you want in, hurry before we are all out of swag!!

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