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Not even a month out and @toobzmuir has already started knocking out more beautiful pieces sine our #groupshow end!! If you want more detailed shots of this gorgeous monster, check out Toobz' work! @loosescrewtattoo @glitchgallery #loosescrewtattoo #glitchgallery #art #fineart #gallery #supportart
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Blitz Cadet

We’re pretty huge fans of Blitz Cadet and his work. If you’re familiar with the art of Jamie Hewlett then you’ll be right at home here because Blitz Cadet, along with a few other artists and the original creative team are getting together to bring back the incredible comic “Tank Girl.” Just look below at some of Blitz Cadet’s work and you too will see that this was the right choice!! Feel free to skip to the bottom by clicking HERE to pick one up!!

Pocahontas 2000Pocahontas 2000

VulturetownVulture Town

If this has you all excited, then you’re in luck because you can pick up both of these lovely ladies from today!! Vulture Town and Pocahontas 2000 are both available and you can grab either one by clicking their particular button:

Vulture Town

Pocahontas 2000


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Another week down and more fantastic art yet to come!! Check out “Brains,” the largest piece we have ever received by one of our old time friends Kiki Dondzilla!!


This piece comes in at a whopping 48″ x 72″!! That’s taller than I am!! Anywho, just for a little context, check out some of the in progress shots Kiki sent us over as well to get a sense of the scale of this beast!! If you have any interest, feel free to contact us at for all the juicy details!!


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Post Show Wrap Up!!


Well, the biggest show we’ve ever had has come and gone and it was awesome!! If you couldn’t make it, it’s a little hard to describe. Do you ever really take the time to consider what awesome really means? It means to be overwhelmed with awe and let me tell you, seeing the work of more than two dozen of the best painters and illustrators around will do just that!

Not just that but Friday was the total package. The turnout was the best yet with a lot of people coming in and picking up a ton of swag for themselves. Our good friends at Burger Bach sponsored the food yet again and, as always, it was superb. And, oh, did I mention Grey A?? Yeah, a really fantastic rock band from the DC area (who you can take a listen to right HERE) came to give us a little musical flair. So best show ever?? Yeah, I can feel pretty confident that this qualifies!

Stay tuned for more news and spotlights on the art and artists of this show and everyone else you love!!


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Glitch Gallery’s Second Annual Groupshow Tonight!!

The time has come all you fine art aficionados out there!! Glitch Gallery’s Second Annual Groupshow opens tonight!! This evening,  Friday, June 27th at 8PM, we will be hosting some of the best Fine Artists we know of in the biggest show that we have ever had!!

The talent that has signed on for this show is staggering. Men and women nationwide and further have come together to put on a show that will rock the RVA. The full list of artists is as follows:

Chet ZarTatiana SuarezKevin PetersonDollaJonathan WayshakJoshua ClayEkundayo, Toobz Muir, Kristin TercekAlex KonstadSean GardnerLeslie DittoJeremy WilsonGris GrimlyBlitz Cadet (Brett Parsons)Angel Perez, Kiki Zilla as well as additional artists as they sign up!!

Be sure to come out and join in on the fun. There will be some amazing complementary food and drink from Burger Bach as well as live music from an incredible DC base band, “The Grey A.” You’ll hear them here in Richmond first before their album drops later in September but if you’s like a sample, feel free to click HERE!! So mark your calendar and set aside some time because this is gonna be an awesome soiree!!
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Darth Gator

Emil Edge passed by a long time ago from a country called Sweden, far far away. When he did he dropped off a good bit of swag, among which was a suspiciously perfect print to present today as a little “May the Fourth” treat for all you Star Wars fans! If you’re interested in picking one up, just click HERE. And now, without further ado, I present to you, the Dark Lord of the crocodilians: “Darth Gator!!”

“Darth Gator”
By: Emil Edge
 11.5″ x 16.5″

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Another week, another piece of exquisite fine art!! Here is another of the tantalizing temptresses born from Erin Chance’s mind for our Phantasmagoria Show: “Sloth.”

By: Erin Chance
11″ x 14″
Mixed Media
$400.00 + S/H

If you find that you have the opportunity and want to see this in person soon, I might recommend doing so! May is right around the corner, shortly followed by June and our upcoming Fine Arts Groupshow!! Some of the best and biggest names that we know of are going to be here presenting work from around the nation so get your fill of our wonderful local, Richmond talent while you still can!!


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It’s the start of a new week and a new month so why not mark all this newness with Chelsea Shoneck’s “Genesis!”

By: Chelsea Shoneck
16″ x 20″
Acrylic on Canvas
$800.00 + S/H

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Dentata the Second

One of the promotional images from “Phantasmagoria” was “Dentata“, the first of the Fanged Furies. She has such a lovely smile. Erin Chance put another one together, appropriately titled “Dentata the Second.” This winged beauty isn’t just a great illustration but a much better kisser I hear than her sister!!

“Dentata the Second”
By: Erin Chance
11″ x 14″
Mixed Media
$300.00 + S/H

I don’t like the way she’s smiling at me…with either of her grins! That being said, she and her sister are beautiful pieces that are wonderful to look at. I recommend checking them and the rest of the show out in person. Of course, if you’d prefer, you could always pick up a print of this deceptive beauty by going HERE. You know it’d look great in your living room!!Stay tuned for more art and updates on all the things you love!!
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The Majestic Cockalope

Spring is here and what better painting is there to present than something in the spirit of the season. Take a look at Chelsea Shoneck’sThe Majestic Cockalope” in all of its…well, majesty!

“The Majestic Cockalope”
By: Chelsea Shoneck
11″ x 14″
Mixed Media
$350.00 + S/H 

While he’s cute and cuddly and whatnot, this little bundle of fur and feet has a surprising backstory:

The result of an unexpected mating between a chicken and a rabbit, this cockalope projects his anger onto his brethren, the full blooded chickens of nearby farms. He refuses to seek counseling for his behavior, defending his actions by stating that nobody would care if he wasn’t part chicken himself.” ~Chelsea Shoneck

Poor little thing, caught between two lives! I don’t know about all you folks like me, here in RVA, but I feel the same way right now; caught between a beautiful season and an impending snow storm!! Stay safe Richmond and stay tuned, who knows what we’ll show off next!!

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